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10 reasons why MAGENTO is probably better suited for your online shop

August 18th, 2015 by pteodorescu in General, Mobile, software outsourcing romania, Tools

magento-chart.jpgeCommerce relates to the buying and selling of goods and services conducted electronically on the Internet. Online retail has tremendous advantages due to its 24-hour availability and global reach.


Given this fact, it is crucial to choose the right platform available. Being developed with a high level of competitiveness, they are the source of an endless line of arguments and debates.


However, there is an option that clearly stands out from the crowd. According to many surveys Magento is by far the most popular. This survey, for example, shows that Magento is the leading platform among the 34,864 eCommerce websites from Alexa’s top one million sites for the third year in a row.


Magento differentiates itself from any other platform, with almost triple the number of sites using the second and third place platforms.


Here are the 10 top reasons why Magento is the best choice when implementing an Online Store:


1. Usage

First released in 2008, Magento is a mature platform chosen by most developers. On April 2014, W3Techs estimated that 1% of all websites are based on Magento – a testimony to its robustness and ease of use. The potential is also marked by its acquisition by eBay in 2011.


2. Wide Community

Magento has the largest community, whose members have developed many extensions, plugins and overall improvements to the platform.

This community of experts in Magento can become a resource for investors, providing the client with the flexibility to choose a different development partner from the wide range available.

With more and more Magento experts, it becomes quite difficult to find weaknesses, since most of its critics revolve around the demand of developers with expertise. However, these critics are due to its continuous growth which only proves the high adoption rate.


3. Easier Site Management

One of the most important features of Magento is the capacity of handling multiple stores, even on several websites. Moreover, everything can be managed from one admin panel and a single database which saves time when it comes to managing sales.


4. Open Source Platform

Since it’s an Open Source platform, it can be downloaded for free as well as thousands of Magento themes and extensions. Developers can add features and functionalities by creating or installing add-ons and plugins, adapting the implementation to the client’s requirements.


5. Variety of features

An undeniable advantage of Magento is its multitude of features, such as order management, product browsing, shipping, multi-language, multi-currency support, and many other. It has all the features you’d expect from a top-of-the-line eCommerce solution, including marketing tools. With Up-Sells and Cross-Sells tools, the users are encouraged to order more products, helping you reach your business goals.

Furthermore, Magento offers easy integration of third party services such as Google Analytics, Google Base, Google Checkout or Google Website Optimizer. This helps keeping track of the site visitors, through reports on shopping cart abandonment, most viewed products, search terms used within the store, etc.


6. Scalable Platform

While most of the popular platforms (like Prestashop or BigCommerce) are good for small or medium businesses, Magento is suited for any type, from small to large enterprises. This is the reason why it is also preferred by both global brands, such as Nike AU & UK, Lindt, Samsung, Olympus, OfficeMax, The North Face, Vizio, Easton as well as local smaller online stores. Due to its high scalability, it can handle massive traffic and a wide range of products.


7. Search Engine Optimization

The SEO is the key to every successful website, since without traffic visits there is no return on investment. Moreover, a good SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rank helps in sales and profit generation. In what concerns Magento, it has the best SEO support, exceeding the capacity of platforms like Shopify or VirtueMart.


8. Supports Mobile Commerce

Unlike popular competitors such as Prestashop, Magento is well suited for mobile commerce. Through the specific features for mobile like image scaling, inbuilt audio and video capabilities, gesture-based controls, drag and drop facilities for shopping carts, Magento platform also assures a better mobile shopping experience. Moreover, it works on mobile devices that don’t have support for Flash.


9. Variety of templates

Magento offers a significant number of templates, which are both aesthetic and efficient.  In addition, there are several web designers and companies that regularly release Magento themes, creating along with the whole community a resourceful market to meet all the requirements.


10. Security and Payment Method

Buying online requires a strong sense of security and also a variety of payment options. Magento provides both, allowing the usage of different payment processors like PayPal (Paypal Express, Paypal Standard, and Paypal Website Payments Pro), Authorize.net, Google etc. Customers can also pay through check or money order, credit cards, purchase order and many more.


While it may be true that other platforms can be suitable for a certain type of customer profiles, we can conclude that in the majority of situations Magento may be the best eCommerce solution for any business that aims to grow and become successful in its area.

With an excellent track record in delivering eCommerce end-to-end solutions, Tremend implemented platforms serving more than 2 million users: from online stores to complex deployments for the banking industry. If you need an eCommerce solution, we are one e-mail away.Just say hello@tremend.ro for a free consulting meeting.


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Why choose us for Embedded Software Projects

August 10th, 2015 by pteodorescu in Java, General, software outsourcing romania

1. Our engineers have a specific set of technical skills and know-how so we can actually help you power-up your next generation device. At Tremend we have teams of professionals trained in the best educational institutions with internationally recognized results, who have gained extensive knowledge in multinational software companies.

2. A team of passionate developers who can deliver high-end solutions by applying their hardware expertise to the development process. Our engineers work in the realm of embedded software design, develop, and test specific and sometimes crucial functions performed by the device they work on.

3. We build embedded software for different industries, including Automotive, Telecommunications, Media and HealthCare. As Wind River partners since 2009, we work extensively for the automotive industry, building car infotainment systems that control audio, air conditioning, navigation, voice recognition, phone calls, reverse cameras, and Internet access.

4. We provide services such as: Automotive IVI – Linux-based systems for infotainment (GENIVI) and safety, Embedded Linux, Android OS integration on custom hardware, Security hardening of embedded applications, PKI infrastructure and client software setup, File system tuning and optimization, System boot time optimization, User interfaces for embedded devices, Wireless networking, Connecting embedded systems to multimedia and mobile devices, Custom Software Engineering for Embedded Systems.

5. We have serious knowledge with these technologies: Linux, C, C#, Wi-Fi, Embedded OS, Python, Bluetooth, GTK, Montavista, C++.

6. Our expertise contributed to building the first intelligent water saving device for gardens: RainMachine – The Forecast Sprinkler. Along with the native iOS and Android mobile applications, we created the firmware and server software for the device. Forecasting 7 days in advance and using real time temperature, wind and rainfall data, the RainMachine dynamically adjusts the sprinkler schedule. Moreover, RainMachine is improving watering efficiency thus dramatically reducing water waste. We are proud Fortune magazine ranked RainMachine among the Top 7 most useful home devices. Moreover, this innovative controller became #1 Best Seller in its category on Amazon just 2 weeks after its launch.

7. Our clients like to think of the relationship they have with Tremend not in terms of a supplier relationship but rather as an integrated partnership despite the geographical distance between our two companies. Just ask our clients. “Every single minute work with Tremend is worth the investment,” says Andrej Poljanc from Mobipro. “We’ve received amazing results already! To be honest you can not beat the service, delivered quality in time and the people that I have dealt with!”

In the end, some good business opportunities come from small discoveries. Hopefully, discoveries like this benefit-list. So say hello@tremend.ro, we really enjoy meeting new people.

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7 steps for Successful Software Outsourcing Projects

August 3rd, 2015 by pteodorescu in software outsourcing romania

1. Define clear, measurable objectives

2. Get a realistic view, don’t expect quality to be the cheapest

3. Make it happen. Step by step:

  • Select: get to know people, measure skills
  • Transition: manage knowledge transfer and loss, refine process
  • Manage cultural differences: Eastern Europe is your best bet right now, more expensive than Asia but safer
  • Ramp up: initial projects are learning tools.

4. Manage risks by clearly defining:

  • Impact

  • Ability to control
  • Effectiveness in limiting risk occurrence

5. Objectively track and measure benefits

6. Use an effective outsourcing model

7. Start slowly build gradually

If you’re interested in outsourcing your software needs, just say hello@tremend.ro

Startups, SMEs or Fortune 500 companies, we have dedicated resources for each.

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How to choose your Linux Embedded Software Provider

July 23rd, 2015 by pteodorescu in Embedded, linux

In order to master embedded software, a developer must posses a specific set of technical skills and know-how. The computer engineers who work in the realm of embedded systems, which by definition do not take the form of a traditional computer, design, develop and test specific and sometimes critical functions performed by the device. No easy task since these functions will decide whether a robot on another planet moves as it is supposed to or if a live saving call can be made.

Still wondering about the robot – Linux connection? Well, embedded Linux software can be found in nearly every device around us: in cars as Infotainment systems, in phones as Android and… finally, not so close to us, in the Mars Rover, “Curiosity”.

Due to its relatively low cost and ease of customization, Linux has been shipped in many consumer devices.  Through other Linux advantages, we want to point out the easy access to an existing IP and open source knowledge plus the comprehensive partner ecosystem that enables a rapid customization possibilities.

Because of the rich ecosystem that comes with embedded Linux, it is sometimes difficult to choose the right partner to help you power-up your next generation device.

We did mention the Mars rover “Curiosity”, and that’s because Tremend has a long and very successful partnership with WindRiver Systems – the company who designs and builds the real-time embedded Linux that powers-up the Mars rover.

This partnership gives us a unique insight in designing, building, developing and debugging highly complex, mission critical embedded Linux distribution. As Wind River partners since 2009, we work extensively for the automotive industry, building car infotainment systems that control audio, air conditioning, navigation, plus voice recognition, phone calls, reverse cameras, and Internet access.

Our expertise contributed to building the first intelligent water saving device for gardens: RainMachine – The Forecast Sprinkler. In short: forecasting 7 days in advance and using real time temperature, wind and rainfall data, the RainMachine dramatically reduces water waste.

For this project we provided the following: Android and Linux Kernel driver development, hardware consulting, device firmware (C++ and Python applications), server (Node.js on Amazon Cloud), applications (iOS, Android and Web – Sencha Touch).


If you’re interested in developing Linux embedded software and/or need hardware consulting to create your own embedded device, just say hello@tremend.ro

Startups, SMEs or Fortune 500 companies, we have dedicated resources for each.

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Tremend at CeBIT Hannover 2015

February 25th, 2015 by nzaharia in Java, General

This year, Tremend will participate at CeBIT Hannover, the world’s leading international IT trade show. We’ll be in the International Business Area, Romanian Pavilion (hall 6, stand B49). Meet us there!

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How to connect to a Windows Embedded Handheld device without using a mobile data network

July 17th, 2013 by Bogdan Nitulescu in Android, bluetooth, Embedded, iPhone, WiFi

We have recently explored how to connect – wireless – to embedded devices scattered across factories and warehouses. Windows Embedded Handheld (the successor of Mobile 6.5) is a typical choice of OS of such devices, and most of them can have Bluetooth and WiFi on board – so these technologies are obvious choices. What they don’t have is a SIM chip in every device and a data plan. Their users have laptops (PCs and Macs), iPads, iPhones, Android phones and tablets, and can physically walk in the same room where devices are located.

Here’s what we found.

WiFi Infrastructure mode + DHCP

This is the obvious choice working with all platforms (Windows 7 PC, Mac OSX, iOS, Android). You need to have a wireless router in infrastructure mode, and assign addresses via DHCP. The wireless router must be in range both of the device and the PC (one obvious place is to plug it near the device itself)

Once both the device and the PC are in the same LAN, the device can broadcast information about itself via some discovery protocol: UPnP, Bonjour, or you can write a simple custom UDP-based discovery mechanism. It is easy to write a client that uses this information, on all platforms.

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For your garden

July 10th, 2013 by Ioan Cocan in Android, Embedded, iPhone, linux, Mobile

RainMachine - The Forecast Sprinkler

In the past few months we’ve helped the guys at RainMachine.com to release a brand new intelligent sprinkler.

For those living in the US, this cool device will take weather forecasts from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and will use them to calculate the perfect amount of water that your garden needs today. You can select smart programs and water your garden selectively on weekdays, even/odd days, or let the sprinkler automatically protect the pipes against freezing temperatures.

If there is no data available, don’t worry! The RainMachine sprinkler will automatically switch to historical weather statistics. This way the device saves water even if the Internet goes down.

You can control your sprinkler from its touch screen. If it’s in a hard to reach place, you can also connect to your sprinkler using your smartphone or tablet and remotely control everything.

The technologies we’ve used: iOS apps, Android apps, Android NDK, HTML5, JavaScript, Sencha, Backbone.js, lighttpd, sqlite, UPnP, and C/C++ Linux programming.

Go get your Sprinkler on Amazon now!

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Mobile smart streaming

March 23rd, 2012 by Ioan Cocan in Android, iPhone, Mobile, Streaming

Based on our experience with streaming on mobile, Bogdan put together some slides and presented them at Dev World Bucharest 2012.

You can hear details about  formats, codecs and delivery methods on iPhone, Android or Phone Gap platforms.

Get the slides here.


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Migrate your iPhone and Android apps to Windows Phone 7

February 20th, 2012 by Ioan Cocan in Mobile, Windows Phone 7

Do you have a hit app you want migrated to the new WP7 platform? Contact us (form or contact at tremend.ro) and we’ll provide you a free quote.

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Perelman’s Cigarcyclopedia for Windows Phone 7

February 1st, 2012 by Ioan Cocan in Mobile, Windows Phone 7

We’ve migrated the Perelman’s Cigarcyclopedia to Windows Phone 7, it is available here (US) and here (UK). We have it available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry already, we thought of trying out the Marketplace and the development ecosystem.

For an experienced Microsoft developer the development and debugging are easy, the learning curve is quite small. Compared to the other platforms we found it very easy to develop and submit to Marketplace. We received very informative feedback from the testing team (seeing the level of feedback we assume at least some tests are manual) and after some small fixes it was up in the Marketplace.

If you have an app that you want developed or migrated to Windows Phone 7, contact us here.


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Rightsflow acquired by Google

January 13th, 2012 by Ioan Cocan in business, General, PHP

Congrats to the Rightsflow team for the recent acquisition by Google. We are glad that we were able to bring our contribution to this success. Tremend provided software services for implementation of Limelight (songclearance.com), Rightsflow’s main licensing tool.

Limelight allows music licesing for the song you want to cover either in digital, physical, streaming or ringtone format. You can enter the song information, pay the royalty fees and you will receive a PDF license after Rightsflow’s licensing department verifies the copyright ownership and pays the royalties on your behalf. The solution integrates with PayPal Pro for payment processing. You can also bulk upload songs for a faster experience.

Good luck to Rightsflow team, now part of YouTube!

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FRF competition management

January 11th, 2012 by Ioan Cocan in Java, General

As part of an effort to meet UEFA guidelines in footbal competition management, the Romanian FA started an initiative to have a full featured management solution. Initially built in Java (Hibernate/Spring) and Flex we migrated it in 2008 to a Symfony based solution that has been continously updated since then. Although a fine solution at one point, the Flex grew and as it was not modular thought out it became difficult to maintain it.

The solution mantains major leagues (1,2,3), youth and feminin competion data including the official referee delegations. The system allows to generate games based on specific combinations (Bergers). Data is displayed in the official websites: frf.ro and frf-cca.ro (the referees website). Along with several listings and exports the systems provides features such as SMS or email notifications for referees, account info that allows referrees and observers to fill in their personal data, availability, online referee reports and much more.

A FoxPro based solution that was used to mantain player history and memberships was migrated to the solution allowing much more flexible management for player club membership. The database has now over 35.000 registered players since 1960.

The technical solution extensively uses Symfony admin generator, built in caching for information such as competition rankings. Symfony proved to be a very flexible solution with great features for data migration between application versions.

Future plans include registered club access to player information and also an automatic online transfer system. The goal is to have a complete and automated solution that allows all participants in the game to fill in their reports electronically (clubs, referees, observers, FA members).

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Drupal Commerce for ePayment module

November 27th, 2011 by Ioan Cocan in Drupal

Inspired by Drupal philosophy of contributing code and modules for the community, we have released a module that provides ePayment support in Drupal Commerce. Available here.

Just install the module, configure standard ePayment parameters and you’re ready to process payments. You can also set a debug mode for the IPN confirmations and switch between production and test mode from the Drupal admin, very handy for a Drupal live site.

Feel free to extend it and contribute some more for the Drupal community.

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Tremend 6 years

November 16th, 2011 by Ioan Cocan in Java, General

Tremend teamTremend is now 6 years old, a new year of projects and challenges. So what is new in this past year?

We’ve extended our expertise in technologies such as Drupal and Grails. Published custom modules in Drupal (Drupal Commerce for ePayment), delivered new solutions with Grails (Orange Karaoke). We’ve delivered a highly scalable solution for Orange Romania (Orange My Account), the customer care portal.

We’re up to date with mobile development, released several new apps (iPhone and Android) and mobile sites. A Windows Phone 7 app is on the way, as well.

For the 7th year we plan to deliver more with our expertise and grow into new areas (HTML5, more mobile). And more blog posts.

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Tremend at first Marathon

November 16th, 2011 by Ioan Cocan in Team

Bucharest Marathon

Bucharest hosted in October 9th 2011 the 4th edition of its marathon. A competion now registered in the league of international marathons, aimed to grow, to promove sport and action.


Although there are no long runners at Tremend we’ve motivated ourselves to train before the competition for a few times on an athletic stadium. A good surface that helps the knees, we hear. Our goals: finish the race. And if we could do it under 4 hours, that would be great. And we did exactly that. Ioan, Ionut, Petrica, Max run in a rainy morning with 10 degrees outside, along other hundreds of people. Being our first competition everything was new and fun, the cold outside was the last thing to think about. We also forgot about pictures, we only have few from the finish lap, available on Facebook.

Thank you Dragos for the support and precious advices. It was a great run, we’ll do it again next year and maybe there will be a Tremend 2 team as well!

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